More About us

One of the most important thing in crypto is Trust.
We know it, so we give you as much information as possible with powerful searching, sorting, and filtering tools so you can do your own research.


Signull has no hidden agenda for its users. We only want to show you information and data that does not push you around and is true, as it is. No bullshit.


We believe that even smart people can make bad decisions when supplied with wrong or outdated information. We'll show you everything as it really is, but we'll leave it up to you to decide what to do, where to go, when to buy, or when to get out.


Estimates and approximate numbers do not belong in trading. We pride ourselves on making sure you can always rely on the data we show you. And you don't have to go elsewhere to verify.


We have a great product that can help many people to make the right decisions at the right time. We want to share it with you and not keep the important information to ourselves. We're fans of getting good things out there and helping as many people as possible.

Good deeds ripple far beyond what you can imagine.

Founder's story

In the beginning, we knew nothing about trading. We were shooting sightlessly – learning a lot and educating ourselves but making so many mistakes. We fine-tuned our tools, strategies, workflows, mindset, and style. We looked for mentors or anything to give us an edge.

From Twitter to CMC, back to twitter then to CG…testing new tools all the time, but never finding anything that could do it all. Exporting CSVs, making custom spreadsheets for sorting and filtering…all the while, fully aware that because you heard about that token from a friend of your cousin’s barber’s dog-sitter who saw it on CryptoCred last week, you may already be late…

So we created Signull v1 for me and my daily routine. To make things easier, to lessen the mess. And the stress. If you find yourself in the same position… Welcome! Join me! And enjoy some peace of mind with Signull.